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Start at the End

What is the audience thinking, feeling, saying, and doing as they exit the experience?


More Than Story

Not just story - It's about creating emotional connections through rich engagement.


Surpass Expectations

We routinely deliver incredible "wow" experiences not only to audiences but to our clients and partners.


Creative AND Pragmatic

We are wildly creative and efficiently pragmatic. Its better to stretch the box than to be completely outside it.

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Mousetrappe is an award-winning creative studio that develops and produces immersive and impactful media-based experiences in shows, spectaculars, immersive films, exhibits, attractions, and live events for the most treasured theme parks, museums, events, and IP’s in the world.

Mousetrappe created some of the most complex and entertaining massive-scale architecturally mapped projection nighttime spectaculars for top-tier theme parks worldwide; media-based theme park attractions for Ferrari Land; and award-winning world-renowned media experiences: Beyond All Boundaries 4D Cinematic Experience film for the National WWII Museum with Executive Producer Tom Hanks, the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction’s jaw-dropping immersive dome theatre and pre-show at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and a historic 30K pixel media installation for the iconic One World Observatory in New York City.

Led by a team of multi award-winning creative and technological talent, Mousetrappe’s spectacular experiences magically entertain millions of visitors annually and repeatedly — day after day, night after night.


Mousetrappe is not only experienced and imaginative, but also completely focused and pragmatic. Our core team has extensive experience in delivering and opening shows, parks, and attractions, so we avoid unnecessary creative iteration. Therefore, our focus is on wildly creative concepts that also respect budget, schedule, or resource targets right from the beginning. Ultimately, we deliver effective and enduring guest experiences as well as reaping productive, collaborative, and efficient partnerships.






ServicesExplore Our Core Capabilties



Ideation of Story, Style, and Experience for Media-based Attractions, Shows, and Exhibits



Concept, Schematic, and Detailed Design for Media-based Attractions, Shows, and Exhibits


Media Production

Production and Installation of complex media, including live action, animation, and visual effects as well as music and audio


Emerging Technology

Complex projection mapping, drone choregraphy and film production, AR/VR, Pre-Visualization tools, New Display Techologies


  • "This is an unparalleled experience. It's got all the angles covered, and i think it's going to be a tremendously successful experience, educational and inspirational."
    ~Tom Jones, Shuttle Astronaut
    Project: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex - Space Shuttle Atlantis

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