October 4, 2017 - Valencia, CA - Daren Ulmer, Creative Director and Founder of Mousetrappe, was invited to present, on Day One of the TEA SATE conference, held at CalArts campus, Oct 5-6, 2017, as part of the Technology segment, on the future of projection mapping in immersive entertainment, 

400 attendees of this year's SATE (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience) conference, titled "Beyond the Screen: The Future of Immersive Realities," were welcomed into the Walt Disney Mod Theatre on Day 1 after the last break in the day to enter a transformed auditorium, an immersive theatre, complete with projection mapping, lighting, sound, and effects, to showcase the role of technology in immersive experiences.  Mousetrappe provided the illustrated and animated projected backdrop of a wooded campsite, with fireflies, grazing deer, the nighttime moon, stars, and a blazing campfire or two. The backdrop quite literally came to life.  But only with the help of choreographed lighting design by Lisa Passamonte's team at Visual Terrain, and the entrancing nighttime sounds created by Jon Baker Productions.  Adding a third-dimension effect was a Faux Fire campfire, on-stage, provided by Technifex.

All three panelists, Daren, Lisa and Jon, demonstrated and spoke on how immersive theatre is created by separating each environmental element, and showing how important and significant it is to work together as a holistic team, to create the shared experience. One element without the other (projection, sound, lighting, effects) is not impactful, but together, it's an experience.

About Mousetrappe:  Mousetrappe is an award-winning media design studio that creates and produces impactful media-based experiences and content, as seen in attractions, shows, immersive film, exhibits, live events, and nighttime spectaculars for the most treasured theme parks, museums, events, and IP’s in the world. Best known for the pioneering efforts in the use and advancement of massive-scale architectural projection mapping, the Burbank-based company is led by Creative Director and Founder Daren Ulmer.


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