Ideation of Story, Style, and Experience for Media-based Attractions, Shows, and Exhibits



Concept, Schematic, and Detailed Design for Media-based Attractions, Shows, and Exhibits


Media Production

Production and Installation of complex media, including live action, animation, and visual effects as well as music and audio


Emerging Technology

Complex projection mapping, drone choregraphy and film production, AR/VR, Pre-Visualization tools, New Display Techologies

Creative Services

First you have to imagine what it can be before it comes into being. Every project has unique parameters and specific goals. We tailor the creative process to you, helping to hone your overall vision, problem-solve, and create a world-class concept. The creative process is about finding the best way to translate your brand or idea into a feasible visitor destination.

Mousetrappe provides unequaled expertise in the creation and execution of extraordinary media-based experiences. Participating in the development of a project from its inception ensures that the impact on experience and efficiency of production through installation are maximized.

Our approach is to Start at the End - we begin by asking "What is the audience thinking, feeling, saying, and doing as they exit the experience?" Once this answer is clear the end goal and project objectives come into focus giving everyone a common point of reference and litmus test for all elements of the experience.


Shifting Perspectives on Media-Based Shows, Attractions & Experiences